We want to create films that not only look but feel like your day was. It’s the sounds, the moments between loved ones and the setting that we draw inspiration from. 


We tailor each film to your needs to ensure we craft a film that is a unique reflection of your wedding day. 


Done are the days of awkward, unnatural poses. We want to capture the two of you as honest and naturally as possible. 




We approach the weddings as friends first, film makers second. Packing the essentials so we don’t get in the way of what is important, but rather be there in the moment with you. 


What ever it takes to get to your wedding, be it; plane, boat, bike or on camel back, we’ll be there. 


Do you travel?

Travel is the thing that we live for, what keeps us inspired. No matter where you want us to be we’ll make it there. All we require in addition is our travel and accommodation covered. Let’s chat and work out a plan! 


Who picks the music?

We source our music from composers and bands who specialise in film scores. The music is half of your film, and we spend a painstaking amount of time combing through the archives to find the perfect one that reflects the emotions and feelings of your day. The music license for this is included in our prices.


Do you provide all the uncut footage?


We sure do! Your entire ceremony, full speeches with audio plus everything we shoot will be broken up into the chapters of the day so you can easily navigate the footage when you receive it.  Just be aware though, it is straight out of camera so it will look quite different to our edited films. The analogy I like to use is the raw footage is the unbaked ingredients of a cake before they’ve been mixed. Ask us to show you an example if you are curious when we meet up! 


How long does it take to get the finished film? 

Within 3 months you will be sitting on the couch watching your finished film, hopefully with happy tears in your eyes! 


How do you deliver the final film?

We will send you a private link to your film which you can view online as well as post out two USB’s containing the finished film as well as the entire raw footage captured from the day. 


How many shooters will be there on the day?

We recommend both Luke and I be there to film your wedding together, all packages are based on this unless asked otherwise. We find that often with how much goes on at any one time at a wedding, having the both of us there means we can capture the most important parts of the day much more cinematically, and not miss a moment. Saying that we both cut our teeth shooting weddings solo and are no strangers to it. So if the budget calls for it we can definitely strip back the crew and have one shooter. 


How do you dress on the day?

With all the planning you’ve put into your day the last thing you want is us or the photographers rocking up and sticking out like a sore thumb, so let us know if you have a specific dress code we need to know about. Our go to is a collared shirt, chino’s and sturdy dress shoes, ready to go for a Chinese Tea Ceremony at the parent’s house, or go trekking at a moments notice! 


Do you have a drone? 

Yes! And it is our favourite new toy!! Occasionally we rent it out, so, location approval dependant, ask us to make sure it is available for your date if epic drone footage is something you are after. We don’t charge anything extra for the drone. 


What packages do you have? Do they include the drone?

All of our packages are tailored to your needs. Send us an email or call to ask for our pricing guide and we will walk you through exactly what we offer. Average investment is $3800


Above Image: David Mendoza Photography