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Luke Keltie

  • Aficionado of comedians, past and present
  • Has easily seen over 1200+ films
  • I'm regularly told my doppleganger is Jason Sudeikis
  • Lover of obscure and classic literature

James Alexander

  • Avid adventurer and happiest when I'm in nature 
  • I've been making movies since I was 10 years old. 
  • Pink Floyd makes my soul do a happy dance, and my body too 
  • I love art in all its forms; occasionally, I sculpt and paint too

    Together Luke and I make up the slightly strange duo that is Zephyr Productions. For any Red Hot Chili Peppers fans out there, you are right, ‘The Zephyr Song’ is by far one of the best songs ever written, and was almost certainly playing in the background the evening Zephyr Productions was born. If you can’t tell by looking at us, we have been quite an influence on one another as we have grown up, to the point that a few years ago Luke said, “I love your films, it seems like an amazing job, can you teach me?” To that I replied “Hell yes I can!” It was on that day Zephyr Productions became at least 80% wittier and definitely 64% more charming to be around. 


    During my time at film school I was incredibly blessed to be taken under the wing of a great mentor in the wedding industry. It was a happy accident, and as an 18 year old I definitely hadn’t even considered that wedding cinematography even existed as a career. Everything changed that very first wedding. I was hooked. I was given such an intimate and unique look at what this thing we call ‘love’ is, how it is celebrated and lived from culture to culture, couple to couple. Since then I have never looked back. 


    Four years ago I met the most amazing woman and fell madly in love. Our relationship has deeply influenced my films. Over the past few years I dove deep down the rabbit hole of studying the philosophy of love, relationships and human interactions. This combined with my endless curiosity and love for all things nature I have developed a style that I think is uniquely Zephyr. I am interest in the real, the raw, the honest and vulnerable selves, not the fantasy of love, but how it is actually lived. What I have learnt, and come to deeply cherish, from being privileged to capture over 200+ weddings is that no two stories of love are quite the same. It is that connection that I endeavour to capture in all its elusive and etherial quality, you just can’t fake that. We strive to create films that are classic, timeless and cinematic, yet honest and real. So much so that you can almost physically feel it like a tangible object.